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If you, a relative or someone you know and care about has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in San Mateo County, please read the material presented in this website, then seriously consider hiring a locally based lawyer who specializes in DUI defense.

California DUI Laws are complicated. A San Mateo DUI arrest most often initiates two separate DUI cases. The first DUI case is the criminal case, while the second DUI case is the DMV case. From the moment a person is stopped by a California Highway Patrol Officer, local Police Officer, San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy, or other law enforcement officer, they are being subjected to a DUI investigation and incriminating evidence is being collected. A driver's physical appearance and performance on so-called field sobriety tests will be recorded on a police report, as well as the result of a Preliminary Alcohol Screening device, evidential breath test, or evidential blood test.

Robert Tayac is recognized as being a top San Mateo County DUI lawyer and leads an experienced team of highly qualified California DUI investigators and DUI experts who serve clients accused of driving under the influence (DUI) violations in San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Area Courts. Mr. Tayac has specialized education, training, and experience in DUI defense, enabling him to effectively handle any DUI case. He coauthored the Fourth Edition of California Drunk Driving Defense which is the practice guide other attorneys use as a reference when they have questions regarding how to handle DUI cases in California and which the California Supreme Court cited as an authority in the case of People v. McNeal in 2009.

For well over fifteen years, people in San Mateo County have trusted Robert Tayac to handle their DUI cases. His office provides  high quality, no nonsense representation to clients. No attorney will achieve a better result for you in a San Mateo County driving under the influence case.

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The office is conveniently located is located across the street from the Redwood City courthouse at 600 Allerton Street. Satellite offices are maintained in San Francisco Napa, and Walnut Creek.  For further information on driving under the influence matters in neighboring cities and counties, feel free to review the information on the resource pages indicated below:


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