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Welcome to the website for San Mateo DUI attorney Robert Tayac. If you, a relative or someone you know and care about has been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Redwood City or anywhere else in San Mateo County or the surrounding counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara or Sonoma, please read the material presented in this website, then seriously consider hiring a locally based lawyer who specializes in DUI defense.

California DUI Laws are complicated.

A San Mateo DUI arrest most often initiates two separate DUI cases. The first DUI case is the criminal case, while the second DUI case is the DMV case. Those arrested for drunk driving who hold professional licenses (attorneys, physicians, nurses (registered nurses or licensed vocational nurses), physical therapists, teachers, certified public accountants (CPA's), pilots, stock brokers, bankers, veterinarians, x-ray technicians, or other professionals) are at risk of having an additional case initiated which may impact their license to practice their profession. Individuals who hold positions of trust, such as police officers, fire fighters, airline pilots and commercial truck drivers will be presented with specific issues requiring special consideration.

Out of state drivers are presented with special legal issues because the state which issued them a driver's license can be expected to initiate an additional case against their driver's license which may carry additional consequences in addition to the California Department of Motor Vehicles DUI suspension case.

From the moment a person is stopped by a California Highway Patrol Officer, Redwood City Police Officer, San Mateo County Sheriff's Deputy or other law enforcement officer, they are being subjected to a DUI investigation and incriminating evidence is being collected. A driver's physical appearance and performance on so-called field sobriety tests will be recorded on a police report, as well as the result of a Preliminary Alcohol Screening device, evidential breath test, or evidential blood test.

While serious, the consequences of a first offense DUI arrest in Redwood City are less severe than those of a second offense DUI arrest. Additionally, the consequences of a San Mateo County DUI accident or a DUI accident causing injury or death are very severe and may lead to an actual jail or prison sentence. Although there are DUI defenses which may apply to particular cases, many DUI lawyers overstate the extent to which these defenses may be available to a particular individual's DUI case.

Robert Tayac is recognized as being a top San Mateo County DUI lawyer and leads an experienced team of highly qualified California DUI investigators and DUI experts who serve clients accused of driving under the influence (DUI) violations in San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Area Courts. Mr. Tayac has specialized education, training, and experience in DUI defense, enabling him to effectively handle any DUI case.

Robert is the only California attorney trained by the San Francisco Police Department in DUI investigation and certified by the San Francisco Police Department on the Intoxylizer 5000 breath alcohol testing device which is used in San Francisco DUI prosecutions.

Additionally, Mr. Tayac has specialized training and experience with the Drager (Draeger) Alcotest 7110 MK IIIC breath testing device used in San Mateo County DUI investigations. As well, Robert was the coauthor of the Fourth Edition of California Drunk Driving Defense which is the practice guide other attorneys use as a reference when they have questions regarding how to handle DUI cases in California and which the California Supreme Court cited as an authority in the case of People v. McNeal in 2009.

For well over twenty years, people have trusted Robert Tayac to handle their San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Area DUI cases. His office provides high quality, no nonsense, cost effective representation to clients. No attorney will achieve a better result for you in a San Francisco driving under the influence case.

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  • Puts Over 20 Years of Experience Toward Your Case

  • Specialized Education in DUI Defense

  • Has Trained Other Attorneys in San Francisco

  • Former San Francisco Police Officer & Police Inspector

  • Certified by the SFPD on the Intoxilyzer 5000 Testing Device

  • Co-Authored the 4th Edition of California Drunk Driving Defense

  • Boasts a Successful Record Achieving the Best Result for His Clients

  • Takes the Time to Understand You & Your Case

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